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Bucharest, Romania

I had the opportunity to receive several treatments directly at the International Symmetry Ryoho Center in Japan.

The method is very mild, not painful, and the effect is very profound.

As a long-time yoga practitioner, I can say that the treatments helped me considerably in the daily practice that immediately followed.
I recommend this technique of balancing the body by gentle methods, instead of treatments that involve sudden and violent movements of the bones and the spine.
The method can help you get the same effects (like after classic bodywork,) but the advantage is that the body is not subjected to any violent or painful movement.
I strongly recommend it and thank the team at the International Symmetry Ryoho Center for their professionalism.



Reiki Master

Portland, Oregon, USA

Dwayne is a wonderful Symmetry Ryoho practitioner. The treatments I received were very gentle and yet the benefits were very profound. My shoulder and neck pain improved significantly.

Breathing became so much easier after my last treatment. I highly recommend the International Symmetry Ryoho Center.




Reiki Master

Seattle, Washington, USA

From the first time I received a Symmetry Ryoho treatment, I was impressed by the quality.  Each action the practitioner did was precise and extremely gentle.  I was amazed at the difference between before and after the treatment and the feeling in my body.  "WOW!  I thought, this is really remarkable!”  Dwayne’s most impressive treatments have been compared to a miracle, because nothing else has helped the patient in the same incredible way.  I have been enormously helped with his treatments; I have osteoarthritis in my neck, calcium deposits on my knee, missing cartilage in my big toe joint, terrible arthritis in my right ankle, herniated discs in my lower back and a permanent fracture of one of my vertebrae.  His treatments have relieved my pain and  filled me with a sense of revived energy.  I look forward to each treatment with eagerness.



Physical Therapist

Seattle, Washington, USA

I started working with Dwayne hoping for relief from the daily pain from my scoliosis-caused low back arthritis. I was surprised and thrilled at the shift in alignment of my spine towards a normal, neutral alignment as treatments continued. My scoliosis is now mostly reversed, and my pain is only occasional and mild, and usually related to unusual activity. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!



Researcher, Romanian National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology

Bucharest, Romania

I have received six Symmetry Ryoho sessions so far.

My history includes:
- A displaced thoracic vertebra from an accident 20 years ago, that used to hurt each time I would stand too long.
- Cervical spondylosis that caused pain and limited rotation of my head.
- Scoliosis, asymmetrical hips and uneven legs, causing pressure and pain in the lumbar area.
- Osteoarthritis in one ankle, knee and shoulder following past sports-related injuries.

I could feel that the treatments were working from the first session.  I felt gentle sensations in the areas where my body was healing and a better flow of energy throughout my body.
After a few sessions my symptoms were almost completely gone.
My spine is straighter and my walking is more symmetrical.  My neck is more mobile and I feel an overall increase in flexibility and physical energy.  I am pain-free now and feel regenerated after each session.

I am grateful to have discovered Symmetry Ryoho and look forward to each session.



Elementary School Student

Tsukuba City, Japan


The treatments are fun and I can relax.

My appetite has increased so now I can eat more than before.


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